Simple, Secure and Fast

Help your sellers succeed while giving your organization the ability to remotely monitor your pulltab activity, set targets, and make more money.
Track Transactions

OnSite keeps your sellers organized and accountable. Quickly enter the number of tickets sold, prize payouts, and even generate prize receipts directly from the system.

Digitize Your Paperwork

Improve accuracy and accountability by capturing all shift change audits with game cash counts, perpetual inventory, cash bank tracking, and even employee timecards.

Monitor Remotely

Maintain real-time visibility of each game's performance from anywhere in the world. Set rules and targets for when your sellers should try and remove the game from play.

Recommended Equipment

The only required equipment to use our OnSite POS solution is an iPad. We recommend adding a printer and kiosk which allows you to use the system's full capabilities.

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Do we really need a POS?

Good question! Maybe you don't... ...but if you have ever struggled with ANY of the following hassles,
OnSite can help! I have you ever said:

I want to hold sellers Accountable

  • We struggle to keep our perpetual inventory log updated at the site.
  • We have a shortage problems.
  • Our booth employee’s payroll hours are simply tracked on the honor system which we know isn’t always accurate.

I need more Visibility

  • As the Gambling Manager, Assistant Gambling Manager, or Site Manager, I can’t see when games are up or down unless I go to the site.
  • We want to increase our oversight at the premise, but we simply can’t be on site all the time to monitory the operation.

I want more Accuracy

  • It’s impossible to read the scribbles on the game tracking/shift change paperwork.
  • Our sellers enter math errors or forget to complete certain information on paperwork.
  • Things happen and a box may have to borrow cash bank from other boxes, but then this gets missed or doesn’t get paid back and we end up with cash problems across different games due to lack of accurate tracking.
  • The license scanners are unreliable and I often find it impossible to read the ID’s information.

How can I increase Profitability

  • Games don’t get removed from play at the ideal time – even if no one is playing the box.
  • We have no system to use game play history to determine the best game to put into play. If we are putting a game into play on a Thursday night leading up to the weekend, what is the best game to play?
  • I have a new seller who has no experience selling tabs. If only there was a tool to help them succeed and prevent them from making big mistakes like not taking a game down at the "right" time.

If you've ever experienced any of these frustrations, let OnSite lend a hand!

Flexible Configuration, One Simple Price

Just the Basics

Track Each Sale

Add a Printer

  • Track games as they arrive in your inventory and as they move in and out of play.
  • Capture shift-change audits with cash counts digitally.
  • Calculate unsold tickets based on scale weight, if desired.
  • Provide remote visibility for gambling manger and other authorized personnel to each game’s status as of the last shift change.
  • Optional timecard tracking for booth employees.

Includes everything within "Just the Basics", plus:

  • Document each transaction against each serial number.
  • Track cash bank activity between boxes at the site.

Includes everything within "Track Each Sale", plus:

  • Prize winner ID capture for prize receipts.
  • Print completed prize receipts with customer’s ID for signature.
  • Print initial game audit details and deposit slips when closing games.
  • Offers the option to set game targets where the POS informs sellers within the system at the site to close a game when targets are reached.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a dedicated internet connection?

Not a dedicated connection. But internet access is required.

What happens if the internet access drops and I need to redeem a prize or document a different transaction?

Internet is only required to sign-in for the first time that day, to put a game into play, or to remove a game from play. All other day-to-day functionality of the POS can continue without an internet connection. Remote visibility of the real-time information from the POS will not be accessible until the connection is restored.

Do my POS users have to have access to my normal CG system?

Yes and no. A POS user must be authenticated, meaning they must be setup as a user of CG Made Easy, sent the email to confirm their registration, and confirm a safe and secure password. However, they are not required to have permissions to access any of the screens in CG Made Easy. Instead, you can permission a user to have access to the POS exclusively.

I have sellers that sell at more than one premise. Do they need two logins?

No – a seller can be setup as a user within your organization with permissions to operate the POS at whichever premises you authorize. You can clearly define and manage who has access to the POS at each site.

If the iPad is stolen, how can I prevent someone from accessing our data?

If the iPad is stollen, the thief must first get past whatever security you apply to the iPad. The thief must then have or know a valid login to get into CG Made Easy. Also, CG Made Easy’s staff can remotely disable the POS from an iPad so that iPad can no longer access the OnSite POS app.

How do we access the OnSite application on the iPad?

You first must download the app from the app store. You must then contact CG Made Easy support for us to provide you with a designated key, or 12-digit unique ID, which is specific to each iPad. Once that key is applied, the iPad is dedicated as a POS for that premise.

Can I have one iPad that is configured for two or more premises at the same time?

No. Each iPad is configured for a specific premise and connect be moved around without a complete re-configuration of the OnSite app.

Do I have to buy the printer and POS stand?

No. If you are comfortable continuing to use the distributor-provided prize receipts and are not concerned with printing a perpetual inventory or deposit slip, then you can use just an iPad. Depending on your available space, you can choose how to mount to display the iPad using what case or other protection you desire.

What rules I can configure for when a game should be pulled?

You can recommend to your sellers to close a game based on a combination of the following:

  • a percentage or dollar value higher than the ideal net receipts for the game.
  • a percentage higher than the ideal game profit.
  • a certain number of tickets
  • % of total tickets sold.

Can I remotely remove a game from play?

No – a user with permission can see real-time activity and the resulting health of a game. They can indicate to the seller using the POS that a game should be pulled. But the seller using the POS must be the one to actually remove the game from play.

Does the POS only work if we agree to document every transaction all the time?

No – the POS can be used just for documenting shift change activity and your overall perpetual inventory at the site. If you choose do operate it this way, you lose the real-time remote visibly of each game in play, but you will have visibility as of the last logged shift change activity.

Do I have to commingle my cash into a single cash drawer?

No – OnSite POS tracks cash activity at the box level making it ideal for both bar and booth operations.

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