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Our Mission

Charitable Gambling Made Easy makes life easier for Minnesota organizations, bookkeepers, and accounting firms managing lawful purpose gambling. We help our customers manage every aspect of charitable gambling, while also offering significant reporting and exceptionally accurate tax returns. Our mission is to help you focus on managing your operation without having to be a software or tax return expert.

Whether you are a small operation doing a few games a month or a larger organization with several sites, CGME gives you peace of mind and the tools you need to run a streamlined charitable gaming operation.

Our History

In 2012, CG was born out of a growing need for the next generation of solutions to help MN organizations navigate the ever-changing world of Lawful Purpose Gaming. Cloud-based applications were becoming more standard and to help leapfrog an industry into the 21st century, the first version of CGME was developed. Shortly thereafter came the introduction and eGaming in MN and as a web-based solution, CGME was positioned to help design the complex reporting needs through the launch of this new form of lawful gambling. In 2016, CG launched an application for distributors of lawful gaming and then released OnSite POS solution in 2021.

In just a few short years, CGME has earned the reputation of delivering high-quality technology solutions with superior customer support. We are proud to be your partner in achieving your goals.

Our Philosophy

At CGME, we believe in making the lives of our customers easier. We will only deliver solutions that are intuitive and easy-to-use. We know these things are critical to your success:

  1. The tool must be simple and easy-to-use with intuitive workflows.
  2. MN charitable organizations need standardized processes, but also flexibility.
  3. If our customers are struggling with using the application, the issue is the application's design - not our customers.
  4. Continue to invest in the product or it will become stale and irrelevant.
  5. Always listen - our customers will tell us what the next problems are they need help solving.

Our Commitment

  1. Do right by our customers. Do right by each other.
  2. Exceed expectations daily.
  3. Always get back to a customer in a timely fashion.
  4. Never compromise data integrity.
  5. Charge fairly, based on what customers need and use.

Meet the Team

With over 50 years of combined experience as gambling managers for MN organizations, the team at CG Made Easy understands the ins and outs of your operation. We have first-hand knowledge of the importance of managing a very well organized operation. We are confident our solution will give you peace of mind and more time in your day, while still allowing you to success in this important task of raising the maximum number of funds possible to help your missions.
Kevin Kimes

Founder and Lead Geek

Kevin loves streamlining complex processes. After 17 years project managing software solutions in the travel and tourism industries, Kevin now oversees KimesCo Solution, a suite of software applications designed to make people's lives easier across many different industries. Kevin and his family live in the Twin Cities.

Desiree' LeCocq

Customer Satisfaction and Onboarding Maven

Desiree' spent over 20 years as a Gambling Manager in central MN and was one of CG Made Easy's first customers (and Chief Bug Finder). Knowing her experience could help other gambling managers around the state, Desiree' joined CGME in 2014 and has helped make the product the industry leader it is today.

Wendy Przybylski

Product Evangelist

Wendy's career has been in sales and service for several large companies over the years. A mother of three very active boys, Wendy transitioned to becoming the gambling manager for her local hockey association and she was a customer of CGME. In 2017, Wendy joined the CGME team to support the software and help prospective customers realize the application's benefits. Wendy and her family live in Breezy Point, MN.

Amy Hildebrandt

Customer Success Champion

A former elementary school teacher, Amy had the pleasure of being a gambling manager for six years in northeastern MN. She migrated her organization from another software solution to CG Made Easy after recognizing its many benefits. In 2019, Amy's family relocated to Walker, MN and she had to give up her GM position. CGME was thrilled to have her join the team where her hands-on experience helps our customers every day.

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