Charitable Gambling's Management Solution


With CG Made Easy, you won't pay for functionality to support types of games your organization doesn't play.  The application is scalable by offering a simple pricing structure where your invoice will fluctuate monthly based on the reported activity.





Pricing for each game type below is a one-time fee per month for unlimited premise locations.


Tipboards: $15 Each Month Tipboard Games are Reported

Paddle Tickets: $15 Each Month Paddle Tickets are Reported

Raffles: $15 Each Month Raffles are Reported

Bingo: $15 Each Month Bingo is Reported

Electronic Pull-tabs: $15 Each Month E-Pull-tabs are Reported

Electronic Linked Bingo: $15 Each Month E-Linked Bingo is Reported


Additional Premises: $10 Per Premise Per Month for Each Additional Premise Location.

Premises reporting no revenue in a given month are not charged the additional per premise fee.


Minimum monthly fee per organization is $25.00 even with no reported revenue. 




For a one-time setup fee of $250.00, we setup everything in the application for you using your previous month's tax return and supporting paperwork.  You can simply begin using the system to manage your operation beginning on day 1.



 *$99/month is for our stardard package.  Click here to learn more.


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