Charitable Gambling's Management Solution



Accessibility and Security 

 Access from Anywhere via an Internet Connection

 Use Any Computer – PC or Mac

              Even an iPad or Smartphone!

 Never Worry About Updates

 No More Backups – You Data Is Safe!

 Secure Access

 Give Multiple People In Your Operation Access

 Limit Access to Each User to Specific Features


Ease of Use

 Dashboard to Keep You Organized

 Easy To Understand Navigation

 On Screen Help

 Online Tutorials


Gaming Inventory 

 Games Added to Your Inventory Automatically

 Perpetual Inventory Management

 Reconcile Monthly Physical Inventory to Perpetual

 Tracks Payments Due to Distributors



 Easily Enter All Deposits

 Keep Track of Each Expense

 Manage Multiple Bank Accounts

 All Transactions Populate the Bank Register

 Full Bank Account Reconciliation



Pulltabs and Tipboards

  Game Audit Details

  Track Negative Game Reimbursements


Paddle Tickets

  Paddle Ticket Session Details



 Bingo Session Details

 Linked Bingo



 Single Raffle Event

 Multiple Raffles Over Time


Merchandise Prize Inventory

 Spoilage and Donations

 Merchandise Prize Reconciliation


Monthly Tax Returns

 Submitting Returns

 Automatic eFiling

 Amending Returns


Additional Reports That Are Really Helpful

 Detailed Inventory Reports

 Comprehensive Banking and GL Reports

 Annual Unsold Ticket Report

 Rent Calculation and City Tax Calculation Reports

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