Charitable Gambling's Management Solution

 As former and current gambling managers and CEOs of organizations running charitable gambling, we understand all too well the importance of managing a very organized operation.  While paperwork will likely always be an important part of this industry, sometimes it can become very overwhelming - especially with bar owners and lessors expecting more and more bingo and meat raffle sessions to help drive business in this tough economy.


The state expects us to manage our gambling operations by involving many people, having great internal controls and oversight, and maintaining separation of duties.  But often this results in our simply collecting all the data from the many people involved and handing it to an accountant, or instead collecting it all ourselves and then trying to get it all organized so we can attempt to successfully complete all the tax returns on time.


The purpose of CG Made Easy is not only to produce the tax returns.  Our goal is to help you manage your overall operation including requirements such as:


  • monthly physical and perpetual inventory reconciliation
  • payroll services
  • check book reconciliation
  • merchandise reconciliation
  • site profitability analysis
  • additional required reporting to the state and Gambling Control Board
  • gambling meeting report preparation
  • a detailed level of game audit results for easy tracking

We strive to offer organizations, accountants and bookkeepers with an operating system - not just a tax-preparation software solution. 


We look forward to answering any questions you have about the CG Made Easy application and our payroll services.





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